How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Website

by RacyDev
How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme

WordPress is a versatile Content Management System that is installed on millions of websites. It is effortless to get started using WordPress, but it can be tricky to choose a suitable theme if you’re moving from a more traditional site design.

When it comes to building your website, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a perfect WordPress theme. Although picking out a suitable theme can be difficult, it’s much easier than you think if you follow some techniques and pick out the best WordPress theme for your website.

This guide on choosing a good WordPress theme will walk you through everything you need to know about finding and selecting a compelling theme that will help your site rank high in Google searches for your chosen keywords and phrases while giving you an attractive site design.

The following are some things you should consider when choosing the best WordPress theme for your website:

Pick a responsive theme

Picking out an SEO-friendly theme can seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. When choosing a theme, make sure it’s responsive, typically indicated by Responsive or Mobile-Friendly in its description. 

There are many WP themes available in the market. Regarding selecting a theme, responsive design is one of the most important features you should keep in mind.

It helps make sure that your site will be mobile-friendly, which means that it will look good on any device screen size, including mobile phone screen sizes.

Clean code theme

By choosing a well-coded theme, you can help yourself avoid running into trouble down the road with broken code and new functionality that might otherwise waste your time and money. An old or poorly coded theme could also contain issues that negatively impact your site’s performance. 

We recommend paying close attention to how well-coded any themes are before making a final decision. The more experience you have with coding, the better you can judge just how coded up something is. But don’t worry. The developer is always trying to make the clean code theme.

Choose a fast loading WordPress theme

Search engines pay attention to your theme, so if it’s slow, then you’ll appear slow in search results because page loading time is an essential ranking factor right now. 

If that happens enough times, you could end up buried or even eliminated from search results entirely, and no one wants that. To choose a fast WordPress theme, try using Google PageSpeed Insights

This will show how fast or slow any given website is and give you suggestions on how to speed it up based on file size and loading resources. You can also use free tools like Pingdom Tools’ Speed Test, which will show your site’s loading speed based on all sorts of factors, including your web host’s location and server technology.

Choose a theme with good reviews

When you choose a theme, you have to check the user reviews. You have to make sure that the previous user’s how feels like using this theme. And make sure how easily you can handle the WordPress theme.

If you download a theme from the WordPress theme directory, then check the review. Try to take a theme that has a rating of 4 stars or above. And if you buy a theme from a theme marketplace like Themeforest, I highly recommend reading the user’s experience first.

Compatibility with all plugins

Many themes are included with specific plugins. Sometimes it will not make enough for you. For example, you want to design a webpage with Elementor page builder

But you choose a theme that is suitable for Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder, or others page builders. Now here is the problem! When you make a page with Elementor, the website becomes too slow, and you may find other issues. 

It happens when you are using a helpful plugin for your website. To protect against these issues, you have to ensure that your theme can be maintained with essential plugins.

Frequently asked question’s

What types of WordPress themes do you choose?

If you’re building a website, you need a WordPress theme. A poorly made theme will make your website look strange, off-putting, or out of date. Many of the themes are built for speed loading; they are responsive and easy to customize. Themes are generally cheaper than hiring a web developer to make a custom website.

How to develop a WordPress theme?

The most common way to develop a WordPress theme is to use a framework like Bootstrap and then customize the CSS and JavaScript files. It will help you define your own set of rules, structures, fonts, colors, etc.

Can I choose a free WordPress theme for my website?

Free themes are great, but many of them don’t optimize your website well for search engines. If you want maximum visibility, it’s best to pay an expert or use premium themes that give you more control over how Google and other search engines will view your site. Free themes also come with limitations in terms of support and future updates.

Which WordPress Themes are the best for Beginners?

If you are a beginner at WordPress or you want to start a website for your business, the best way is to find a free WordPress theme from the WordPress directory. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available on the internet that can be used to create websites for blogs or for small/medium businesses.


I hope this blog has helped you narrow down your selection to a WordPress themes that you’re excited to create a site for your business. If you’re a developer, you’ll appreciate how themes have evolved over the years. 

If you’re a content creator or a business owner, you’ll love how themes bring a beautiful, responsive design to your WordPress site. No matter what your role is, you’ll find a theme to help you realize your vision.

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